Executive Member

Dr. Mark Soth

Education and Professional Standing

  • B.Sc., Biochemistry (Trent University),
  • Medical Doctor (McMaster University),
  • Internal Medicine (McMaster University),
  • Respirology and Critical Care (McMaster University),
  • University Teacher Programme (McMaster University).
  • Dr. Soth is a clinician-educator at McMaster University. He is the Site Director for resident activities at the SJHH Site for respiratory and critical care medicine and also teaches undergraduate and postgraduate levels from these topics. In the undergraduate MD programme, he is an academic advisor, tutorial group leader and learning assistance tutor. In the respiratory residency programme and University Teacher Programme, he acts as a mentor. He has developed a web-based learning tool for mechanical ventilation, and has been awarded numerous teaching awards, including the PAIRO Senior Resident Teaching Award (2002), Watson Buchanan Clinician Educator Award (2006), Internal Medicine Sub-specialist Teaching Award (2007), and the Critical Care Teaching Award (2009).

Research Interests

At the SJHH site, Dr. Soth is a co-investigator for the VISION study on perioperative cardiac and respiratory events. He also leads quality assurance projects on local changes to the critical care system.

Activities and Contributions 

He is active in clinical administrative leadership in the successful implementation of a Critical Care Response Team at SJHH and in re-organizing the critical care services at SJHH for improved patient care.

His clinical practice includes critical care and respiratory medicine. He has an outpatient practice in adult respiratory medicine. Throughout his clinical practice, he supervises learners of all levels including medical students and residents from numerous specialties.


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