Sr. Advisor

Dr. Lehana Thabane

Education and Professional Standing

  • Professor/Associate Chair, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact
    Associate Member, Departments of Anesthesia/Pediatrics in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University
    Director, Biostatistics Unit, St Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton
    Senior Scientist, Population Health Research Institute
    Editor-In-Chief, Pilot and Feasibility Studies

Academic Interests

Dr. Lehana Thabane, PhD, is a member of several professional associations that include International Statistical Institute, American Statistical Association, International Society of Clinical Biostatistics, the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT), and the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC). He is a member of the Working Groups for the CONSORT extension to pilot trials; and the CONSORT extension to trials using cohorts and routinely collected health data.

Dr. Thabane has an excellent track record as a lead /senior biostatistician for over 100 externally funded studies; member and chair of data safety and monitoring boards (DSMBs) of several national and international trials; chair of research panels of many funding agencies.  Highly sought out speaker at international conferences, his research interests include clinical trials; pragmatic trials; pilot and feasibility trials; reporting of trials; systematic review methodology; and mentorship. Having mentored over 100 MSc, PhD, and Postdoc trainees, Dr Thabane has won many teaching and mentorship awards. He is also the clinical trials mentor for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. He has co-authored over 600 publications in peer-reviewed journals and over 700 abstracts presented at national and international meetings.


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