Clinical Practice Guidelines


We provide methodological support for clinical practice guidelines (CPG) using the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) methodology. Our group has developed expertise in supporting large multinational organizations in their guideline development process. Actual services may differ depending on specific needs but could include some or all of:

  • Developing CPG organizational structure, budget and internal training procedures
  • Setting CPG panel membership including all relevant stakeholders
  • Patient/caregiver involvement
  • Conflict of interest management strategies
  • Question generation using PICO format
  • Outcome prioritization
  • Comprehensive evidence searching and summarizing (Systematic Review)
  • Assessing quality or certainty of body of evidence
  • Summary of finding table creation
  • Developing recommendations using the Evidence-to-Decision framework
  • Wording of recommendations
  • Reporting and peer review process
  • Dissemination and implementation of CPGs.

Guideline development has changed significantly since the seminal publication by the Institute of Medicine which focused on producing “Clinical Practice Guidelines we can Trust”. Producing trustworthy guidelines requires time, resources and expertise. Our group of consultants are available to help in order to ensure methodological rigour while also maximizing efficiency of any guideline effort.